The Guild

Superior, greater, finer.

3 min readNov 15, 2021

“I’m with the Guild, and the Guild’s with me. If I ever try to run away, may I run to my grave”.

-Part of the Guild’s initiation oath

Generative avatar art by Joi Rudin. One of the multiple character bases The Guild Faction will have.

The Guild is the biggest criminal organization on the planet, with chapters and businesses all over the globe. This organization operates akin to a Corporation, but with even higher levels of secrecy. While corporations are usually known for advertising their products and services, the Guild discretely offer theirs to selected individuals who make contact via the deep web and through several layers of protection.

One of the most noteworthy aspects of the Guild is its Grid, probably one of the most complex, deadly, and beautiful grids in existence, with over one hundred layers of protective ICE, several higher and lesser AIs, and thousands of automated bots. The sophistication of its engineering and architecture is almost unrivaled amongst equivalent organizations. Many corporations and government agencies have tried to break into it, but none have succeeded. The Grid’s strength comes from the unbreakable loyalty and dedication the Guild’s runners have for the organization, as they zealously maintain it and would never reveal any secrets that could be used to harm it.

The Guild’s members are usually inducted when they are very young, and the grooming process begins when prospective members are in their early teens. The Guild’s recruiters use sophisticated algorithms to find youngsters with potential for running and reach them as early as possible. This way, the prospective runners are raised in an environment of luxury while being taught loyalty and respect for the organization, something they take extremely seriously.

There are no publicly known cases of runners leaving the Guild, only rumors. Theories are that if anybody leaves, it would not be on good terms. Members of the Guild will always have the resources needed to thrive and live a comfortable life, no matter where in the world they are. However, working for the Guild means being obedient and doing things many other runners and most ordinary people wouldn’t do. Guild runners operate from facilities known as “caves” that the organization provides, stocked with state-of-the-art hardware and software, safely under the protection of the Guild’s Grids. Members have access to all sorts of sophisticated equipment, despite not actually owning any of it.

Guild runners like to spend all the money they make in exclusive nightclubs and resorts or buying expensive clothes. Aesthetically, members are perfectly groomed and place great value on deluxe clothing and accessories. Guild runners tend to wear expensive suits and watches when making public appearances and on business, and top-of-the-line urban wear when on leisure time. These style choices serve both the member’s comfort and the image of the Guild as a whole, inspiring respect from some, and fear in others. Even if the Guild doesn’t have an official uniform, all their members agree that they should dress both luxuriously and with class.

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