The Makers

Make it, break it, fix it. All in a day’s work.



“What’s the point of doing something if you don’t do it with panache?”

-Maker saying

Generative avatar art by Joi Rudin. One of the multiple character bases The Makers Faction will have.

The Makers are Cryptorunners obsessed with creating and inventing the best hardware and software possible and expressing their creativity through their inventions. They are creative and curious people by nature and are constantly trying new things. Makers are often self-initiated, simply drawn towards experimenting on their own at the beginning and later on joining in with like-minded runners in order to stimulate each other.

Makers prioritize the quality and usefulness of their creations while making sure their looks and aesthetics in The Grid are as original and awe-inspiring as they can be. In situations where other factions might favor brute force virtual attacks or discrete hacking techniques, Makers go the extra mile and have their creations do the job and make a loud statement on their own at the same time. They all share the same passion and drive for building things, although some are more ready to share their knowledge than others. Makers usually believe in the open-source philosophy, making all their knowledge available to fellow Makers. However, some members of this faction are exceptions and are quite overzealous and protective about what they make.

Makers have no interest in being celebrities themselves and prefer to keep the spotlight on their creations. The common Maker approach is usually letting their code and inventions do the talking, instead of bragging with empty words. Makers usually wear practical clothes, sturdy and durable, with many functional pockets. They also favor goggles and protective gear in order to make their building processes safer. Makers usually do not favor commercial implants out of the box, but instead are known to tinker with them in order to customize and enhance them and sometimes even make their own from the ground up.

The Maker community is driven by self-improvement, curiosity, and the belief that knowledge should be accessible to as many people as possible in order to advance technology. This is the reason they run and rob corporations of their secrets in order to make available as much information and resources as possible.

2112.run is an NFT project and multi-disciplinary roleplaying experience that will combine generative NFTs with a narrative-focused game set in a dystopian cyberpunk world shaped by its community.

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2112.run is a cyberpunk narrative universe. "Into The Grid" our Roguelike Deckbuilder game coming up in Q2 2023.