2112 Cryptorunner faction reveal

The Punks

Fuck ’em. Run free.

3 min readOct 23, 2021

“Decentralizing the currency should only have been the beginning. We’ve got to decentralize the government, decentralize power, decentralize resources. The whole thing.” — d.r10t’s manifesto.

Generative avatar art by Joi Rudin. One of the multiple bases The Punks Faction will have.

The Punks are a group of mostly lower-class, disillusioned, angry young runners. Though there are some old-school, hardcore, older Punks, most of their members are under 30 years of age.

Punks have no real vertical hierarchy, as they despise authority in every form and fight it wherever they find it. However, they do organize horizontally, often in small, local cells that join with other similar cells whenever the cause needs them to.

Some may think that the Punks are simply teenagers acting out, but in reality, their behavior is the result of a more profound interpretation of the world they live in. These people have been raised in a world of scarcity where the majority has very little and a few have almost everything.

This disparity in economic wealth, the apparent lack of future wellbeing for their generation, the absence of adequate measures taken by the world governments, and the overall decay of the moral, ethical and spiritual fabric of society has led the Punks to understand one thing: this game is rigged, the system is corrupt and will never change. The only alternative is to run it to the ground and build up from there, with a less greedy and unjust idiosyncrasy.

Punks are unashamed and unapologetic in the expression of their disconformity. They have less interest in aesthetics that simply try to be beautiful and are more drawn towards styles that have a message behind them.

They usually cut and dye their hair in the fashion of the punks of yore, with aggressive styles dyed in neon green, magenta, and cyan. They don’t mind being seen, as they feel society should be made aware of them and “deal” with their disconformity. The classic combat boots and plaid fabrics have been refurbished and redeployed on the new available technology.

The Punk movement has a strong sexual component, as they understand that the only thing they really own are their bodies and that consensual sexual pleasure is one of the few pure, untainted positive things left in this world.

The Punks are not into running because of the monetary rewards, although they certainly welcome every cryptocoin they can get. Their drive is one of genuine rebellion. They actively search for instances of corporate or government oppression and fight it, often planning attacks that yield no rewards, simply because they want to hurt the system.

Notable Punk activities include altering school textbooks in order to spread what they believe is the truth about companies and authorities and erasing the debts random civilians have in order to free them from oppression and hurt the revenue of the corporations that profit from keeping common people down.

2112.run is an NFT project and multi-disciplinary roleplaying experience that will combine generative NFTs with a narrative-focused game set in a dystopian cyberpunk world shaped by its community.

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2112.run is a cyberpunk narrative universe. "Into The Grid" our Roguelike Deckbuilder game coming up in Q2 2023.